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Our experienced litigation solicitors advise and represent clients in a wide range of areas such as; landlord and tenant including possession and disrepair claims, boundary disputes, debt claims, disputes between joint owners of property and professional negligence.

  • In an era when it is common for cohabiting couples to purchase property together disputes can arise if the couple separate. For example one partner may wish to sell the property, but the other doesn’t, or the partners cannot agree on the proportion of equity each should receive.

    Or a property could be owned jointly by other family members or business partners. When there is a dispute about how to deal with the property, we can help to resolve the dispute or if necessary, prepare a TOLATA (Trusts of Land and Appointment of Trustees Act 1996) claim. The court will make a ruling that resolves the dispute; we will work closely with you through this stressful period aiming to achieve the best outcome for you.

  • Disputes between landlords and tenants are common, often over the payment of rent or the upkeep of a property or when the tenant should leave the property.

    We act for landlords or tenants, providing advice on the legal position but also seeking practical and commercial solutions.

  • Mercers can assist you when a dispute arises in relation to your residential property. You may need advice about a right of way or you may wish to evict a tenant from a buy-to-let property. We have expertise in a broad range of property disputes.

  • Conflict around inheritance can lead to lengthy, complex and bitter disputes if not resolved swiftly. A range of skills and specialist knowledge, is required to bring about speedy and effective resolutions which is why it is always important to get advice from the dedicated Mercers team.

    For further information see Trusts and Estate Disputes.

  • Professional Negligence cases arise when you feel that the advice you have received from an expert; financial, legal or technical advice for example, has been poor leading to serious negative consequences.

    If this is the case you may be eligible to make a claim, which is where Mercers can help. Firstly we will identify whether you have a legitimate claim to make and then our dedicated Litigation Team prepare and pursue the claim through the courts for you.

    If you feel you have grounds for a claim you should seek our advice. We will assess the chances of success, then work tirelessly to bring about a positive resolution on your behalf.

  • Every business wants to maintain good relationships with its clients, however when debts arise and it seems the client has no intention paying, it is time to turn to the Litigation Team at Mercers.

    Often the threat of litigation is enough for the client to pay the debt, but if not we have the experience, knowledge and tenacity to pursue the debt for you until the claim is resolved.

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Litigation & Disputes Solicitors

Justine McCool

Justine McCool

Justine is a Partner and is Head of the Litigation Dept, and Head of Contentious Trusts and Estates team. Justine read History at Cambridge

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chris bowler

Chris Bowler

Chris is a Consultant in the Litigation/Dispute Resolution department.

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Megan Wood

Megan is a Trainee Solicitor currently in her Litigation seat, having first joined the firm as a Business Support Supervisor in 2021.

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Laura Beales

Laura is currently a Paralegal in the Litigation and Contentious Probate Department.

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